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Customer is responsible for all carrier fees, duties, and customs charges incurred in shipping purchases to Customer's desired shipping address. EC Cellars ships wine with Adult Signature Required. A person of age 21 years or older must be present to receive the shipment. To the extent that EC Cellars provides estimates of shipping, duties, and custom charges, these should be considered to be estimates only. Upon request only, original wooden boxes associated with a purchase (if any) may be shipped separately from bottles by common carrier for an additional fee.


Care must be taken when shipping wine in adverse weather conditions. High temperatures may cause wine bottles to leak or extreme cold can freeze wine during shipment.

EC Cellars' shipping policy is designed to protect your wine in transit. By initiating a shipment request through EC Cellars, Customer accepts this policy. Customer may override this policy (e.g., by choosing to ship in adverse weather conditions or by a slower delivery service than is recommended) but in doing so, Customer accepts all responsibility for that shipment through whatever weather conditions may occur during that shipment and agrees that EC Cellars will not be responsible for, and will not replace, wine that is damaged by adverse weather conditions during such shipment.


EC Cellars shall insure the value of goods transported to and from Customer, both domestically and internationally, up to $350,000 per shipment (at no charge) provided the shipment is arranged by EC Cellars. Additional coverage is available upon request for an additional charge. Coverage is limited to the lower of the declared value or fair market value of the goods in question. EC Cellars will not be liable for any damage caused by acts of God, seizure or other acts of civil or military authority, insurrection, riot, strike, or enemies of the government; loss or damage resulting from inadequate packaging or wear and tear, deterioration or from any other cause beyond the reasonable control of EC Cellars.


EC Cellars ships wine to most countries using various specialized carriers and a copy of the purchase invoice is required to be provided to carriers for use in determining foreign taxes and duties. EC Cellars charges for air freight but is not involved in the collection of foreign duties, taxes, and surcharges which must be paid separately by Customer to the relevant party before the wine is released to Customer. These charges vary widely around the world, are sometimes onerous (e.g. reaching over 100% of value), and are often based on complex rules. Therefore, all costs related to international shipping are estimates only and are always the responsibility of the Customer.

Please note that wine shipped internationally is not covered by EC Cellars' shipping policy and this service is provided solely at Customer's own risk. In particular, the precise timing of deliveries (given the need to clear Customs in other countries) and the local storage conditions while awaiting Customs clearance are completely outside of EC Cellars' control.


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